Is that heading too arrogant? Tough shit. Well, it felt like that, not that we became actual occupiers, but I hope just a little in people’s heads.

The ILL AT EASE (IAE) LIVE Tour is over! I’m a little sad, it’s all done…The shows and supports were magnificent, thanks to all the bands;
Pigs x 7
Cable Ties
Grinding Eyes
Hidden Cycles
The Maggie Pills
Legal Noise

Many of the shows were sweltering hot, definitely the earlier shows were in Canberra and Brisbane’s humid weather was even pissing off the Brisbanites. Once we’d hit the stage it would seem like in no time we were at the end. We’d catch our breath and then do another few songs and then it was done…like that. It was interesting to see my heart rate peak at 130, doing nothing but sitting back stage, 30 seconds to showtime…that’s nervousness – that was the highest, normally its about 110-115 before going on.

First show in Adelaide was awesome – originally it was scheduled as one of the last shows, but due Kim’s cycling accident it became the first cab off the rank when all the shows were re-ordered. Playing hometown, rather than settling my nerves, actually makes me even more nervous. The venue was packed, yay, and we got on and started through the set – first song, Interloper, great, onto the next, Hindsight, (always fun with the stops), First Time (no problems), Remember Me (easy, straight ahead with some little stops). Then came Pointman. Now we had discussed at rehearsal about switching Pointman with LMA, since it was normally the big closer for us, it felt like we’d be peaking a little too early playing in the middle of the set. But we decided, fuck it, we are sticking to the original album order. But, Pointman said otherwise on the night.

Mid way through the most complicated part of the 6/4 guitar over 4/4 drums intro I couldn’t hear anything but Lemmy’s bass in my foldback, obliterating everything. So, I called a halt. Not an easy thing to do, but it was the right call. The song was barely hanging on. Well, I was barely hanging on. No worries, second time it’d be fine. Go again, and now I have the bass dropping out, suddenly blaring loud, and again, no way to hear the beat of the drums, its just a wall of noise with no tempo. No time to analyse it further, just keep on going, however I was really stressed thinking FFS of course in front of our home crowd!. So we went to LMA, instead. Oh, that worked. Fuck it, LMA and Pointman will be swapped.

When we arrived at the end of IAE and Pointman loomed, I was slightly concerned, however, green light and jump, never look back, hope the parachute opens. And it was fine. Third time is a charm. I noted some wags asking for us to play Pointman again at various times through the night. OK, I’ll give you that is funny. Lol.

Adelaide, Hindley Street

Many thanks to our manager Tim, love your work…
Tim Pittman our beloved Manager, actually lugging gear! Now that’s a manager!

And a big thankyou also to our crew, Tyson, Derek, Ben, Christian and Sean. It’s always great when we catch up and always a little sad at the end. All very chill people to work with and with professionalism that helps lift our game too. Thanks also to Bretto, who looks after all our web and social media related stuff – Thanks guys.
We stayed one night in Melbourne before traveling to Hobart. Stayed at the Adina, Coburg way, Pentridge Prison environs – very weird. Didn’t get to go on a ghost tour. I said to reception on check in, “surely there’s a problem with ghosts here!”. She said she thought there would be too when she took the job, but soon realised the “…only problems were the guests”. Good comeback I thought.

View from my room in Melbourne. Looked for Chopper but he wasn’t around.

Let’s see what else, oh, in Fremantle, after the first call did nothing, I threatened reception that if I had to go over deal with 2 guests that were sitting on their balcony at 2am talking like it was broad daylight, that I’d would wake up the entire hotel if they didn’t shut up. That got sorted, although the bogan woman involved brayed like an ass for 5 minutes before heading inside their room.

Among random assorted thoughts, Heatherbrae’s Pies on the way from Canberra to Sydney, was a great stop – courtesy our alternate TM and sound guy Derek. I was sure it’d be shit since I’m celiac and need gluten free however their gluten free beef pie was the best pie I had in years (because it was the only pie I’ve had in years). But it was award winning definitely!

The show in Hobart was really great. Smaller crowd obviously, but they were really responsive and into it.

The Uni show in Hobart – just setting up prior to soundcheck.

I don’t know if people know this but Trolleys at airports are only free in Adelaide. Everywhere else you have to pay for them. Some places like Canberra don’t even have the option of paying with a card, only real money!! I know, I know, first world problems right?

The eternal search for trolleys at the airport. It’s one of the tasks that Kim excels at.

Kim (Sarge) usually sorts out the tickets and charms the airport staff. I just go where they tell me to go. There’s not too much to lug, 4 guitars, 2 amp heads, Cymbal cases. But I always feel a little sorry for people stuck behind us in the queue.

Carting merch is always fun and additional pieces to carry – not too much here in this photo (cardboard boxes).

I couldn’t resist this picture of our guitar tech and go-getter Ben in Canberra – really BPE and captured!

Isn’t the graffiti mindfully intelligent?  Ben is just absorbing the energy…Thanks Ben!

This might be a good place to stay (courtesy Jeff Stephens, Exploding White Mice).

Walking back to the car after the show at the Croxton, Melbourne, we realised there was a big poster outside the hotel, so we sat in front and had some photos. Now I said at the time these were messing around pics not for public consumption, but too late, already on FB – people thinking it’s been photo-shopped to make Kim smile. Hilarious. We are all tired and still sweating, and happy to be off to bed! This one was captioned a little differently than the previous, and of course, I do love the Stooges.

Thanks again, everyone who made these shows happen. Let’s do it again sometime!