Beat Cancer Tour 2017

In late 2015, TMOC did two Adelaide shows to raise funds for the Cancer Council to help support cancer research. Thanks to all the fans who supported the shows. As a result we were able to donate over $9,000 to cancer research, which with fund matching from the Government and Universities, resulted in $36,000 going towards critical research. This year I am again riding every stage of the Tour Down Under over the next week to again raise research funding and increase awareness of cancer and its devastating effects on families and individuals around Australia.

By the age of 85, one in two males and one in three females will have suffered from some form of cancer, with a person diagnosed with cancer every 15 minutes in Australia. Pretty scary statistics, of which no-one is really immune. A friend of mine, Ryan, was diagnosed with Type 4 lung cancer at age 32, even though he never smoked a cigarette in his life. This is Ryan’s story:

If you want to help me assist Cancer Council in beating cancer, please donate to my fundraising page here:

John and I can’t wait to get back on the road again in 2017 with TMOC.

Kim Scott