This Is This…

Release Date: 2001
Label: RooArt Records [74321847672]
Producer: Andy Gill, Phil McKellar and The Mark Of Cain
Recorded: Megaphon Studios – Sydney December 1999 by Phil McKellar
Track Listing:

1 Familiar Territory
2 [R] Retaliate
3 Second Hander
4 Let Chaos Rule Supreme
5 Token
6 Sleep
7 One Day Late In December
8 Knocking
9 Outsider
10 Lockdown
11 Cut ‘Em Down*

John Scott – Guitar/Vocals
Kim Scott – Bass
John Stanier – Drums

*Cut’ Em Down sample taken from the David Bradbury documentary “Frontline” about Australian cameraman Neil Davis.

Original Release:
Was released in a limited edition version containing a five song live bonus disc (rooArt 74321-86910-2).
Recorded Live @ Channel [V] Headquaters 18/04/2001:
Sleep (live)
Second Hander (live)
Token (live)
Contender (live)
Point Man (live)